mojosons 2018 unicorn costume

MojoSons Events 2018 New Year wishes

Excited to grow the MojoSons Family in 2018! Thanks everyone for your trust! In 2017, we had the chance to take care of over 80+ events and almost 1,000 guests between Bangkok and Pattaya. Thanks to this experience we learnt a lot and developed precious connections and partnerships that are making us confident for 2018.…

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ambassador suite the davis bangkok

Hotel Suites in Bangkok, our selection for your private party

Best hotel suites in Bangkok for Bachelor party and trips Wanna host a private room party in your hotel suite in Bangkok or at least be free to have a few drinks with your friends and some music without the staff of the hotel coming to complain about the noise. After dozens successful and sometimes…

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party van guys

Rent a Party Van to get around Bangkok and Thailand

The party van is the most convenient and affordable way to get around Thailand during your trip.   Forget about having to look for a cab, negotiating rates and discussing the best route for your destination. With you own van you can stay with your friends or family without having to split in many different…

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white stretch limousine pattaya mini

Stretch Limousine in Bangkok

Rent a Stretch Limousine in Bangkok and get around in the best fashion. A Stretch Limousine is the first thing that comes in mind when you think about luxury transportation and there’s 2 of those available for your next ride in Bangkok or Pattaya. *Unavailable until further notice, please check our party vans*   Cruise…

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bangkok tuk tuk rain mini

Rainy Season won’t stop the party!

Rainy season doesn’t mean you can’t party in Thailand Even though August to November isn’t the best time of the year to get a yacht party, keep in mind that first it doesn’t often rain all day, second, there’s plenty of other options to enjoy your trip while avoiding the rain.   Stay Dry You…

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shooting range bangkok guns mini

Bangkok Shooting Range, adrenaline rush in Bangkok

Bangkok Shooting Range Bangkok Shooting Range is definitely one of our most popular activity in Bangkok. It’s also with no doubt one of the best Shooting Range in Thailand, and for sure,  different from all those you’ve seen before. Bangkok Shooting Range is  actually located inside an actual military school in activity. So on your…

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stripper bachelorette night

A unique Hen Night in Bangkok with sexy and naughty options.

Hen Night in Bangkok, Male Stripper and more… We often hear that a Bachelorette Party is about pampering, massages and a few glasses of wine between friends. Ladies, I’m glad to announce you that a Hen Night in Bangkok has much more to offer. Judging by most of the girls we met and the requests…

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body sushi house party bangkok

Sushi in Bangkok, tasty sushi with a unique sexy twist

Looking for an original option for Sushi in Bangkok? As what happen in Bangkok stays in Bangkok, why not change your approach to sushi while you’re here? Let’s put aside the chopsticks and the Zen Japanese restaurant for this time and try the famous Nyotaimori instead, the so called “naked sushi”. A business trip, a…

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