Bachelor Party in Thailand

A bachelor party is a unique event, a last chance to party with friends before his life changes forever.
Mojosons understands this and can help you have an incredible time with the groom, who will leave with unforgettable memories of his bachelor party. Thailand is the perfect choice to make your dreams come true for a night. Trust us, the fiesta, it knows us. As an event organizer, we manage the whole organization for a personalized bachelor party with a crazy atmosphere. You will see, you will love to get married.

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Bachelor party ideas with Mojosons in Thailand

In Thailand, there is no lack of ideas for a crazy bachelor party. With Mojosons, there are more than 200 parties proposed between Bangkok, Pattaya and Pukhet. From crazy to chic, surprises and pranks, relaxing or intense, we have it all. Choose the party you want to have, and let us guide you through our many ideas.
Don't forget it also works for bachelorette party !

Best bachelor party ideas in Thailand

It can be as you wish and where you want. We can even be discreet to organize your bachelor party in Thailand if you have family in the country at the same time. Go crazy with this last night of freedom and go out in style! Here are some ideas:

  • Lesbian Show: 390USD/14,000THB
  • Body Sushi or Dessert on a gorgeous naked girl (including sushi/dessert). 300USD/11,000 THB
  • Body Shots on a gorgeous naked girl (including 1 Bottle of Liquor). 250USD/9,000THB
  • Sushi, dessert and body shots, on a gorgeous naked girl. Sushi, cupcakes and 1 bottle of liquor provided: 470USD/17.000 THB. Eating sushi on a naked girl, because there is no better way to enjoy sushi,
  • Stripper: 190USD/7,000THB. Ask for a Stripper, it's a classic but it always works like magic,
  • Ladyboy Prank: 390USD/14,000THB>
  • Getting the groom on stage after a few drinks and admiring his best moves while dancing with the girls in a gogo bar hopping,
  • Relaxing from all the madness with a good massage. Thai or soapy? It's up to you to decide. What would he like most...

Fun bachelor party ideas in Thailand

Want to surprise the groom during his bachelor party in Thailand, or pull a prank on him or another member of the group ? Here's what we suggest:

  • Book a stripper who blindfolds him and rocks with a ladyboy, a fun and sexy bachelor party show.
  • Spank the groom at a BDSM club, or hang him on the cross to whip his ass, or more...
  • Having the groom's ass kicked by a Thai boxer. Surprise, it's not a boxing workout!
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Wild and crazy bachelor party ideas in Thailand

We've already eliminated the stripper and pranks from the questions, so what's left? Well, we're never short of ideas:

  • Playing twister with Bikini Models and counting down the time until it falls under the b..
  • Drown the groom in a sea of boobs,
  • Drinking shots directly on the girl's breasts,
  • Giving Kamagra to the groom for the night, it's like viagra but much softer. Always fun to see him horny and wandering around the club...

Thailand is a popular destination, which has the reputation of being sunny all year round. A crazy cheap nightlife, uninhibited and not modest Thai women, Thailand is the perfect place for a successful bachelor party.

Bachelor Party in Bangkok

Bachelor Party in Pattaya

Bachelor Party in Phuket

Bachelor party packages in Thailand

A bachelor party has to be prepared. From experience, we know that it is a challenge to prepare it when you are abroad. That's why Mojosons is here. We are a professional event organizer, present to guide and assist you in the organization of your evening or weekend. Our services are adapted to your desires and your needs, for a service tailored to your conditions. To make your work easier, we offer packages for bachelor party in Thailand that include :

  • The place or places of the event,
  • The activities of your event,
  • The travel and itinerary of your bachelor party,
  • Transportation to and from the various locations of the party,
  • Accommodation for you and your friends after a crazy night,
  • The most beautiful Thai models to accompany you
  • Food to eat during your event.

Welcome aboard your private yacht in Pattaya filled with stunning Thai bikini models to party with you for the day while you cruise in Thailand gulf.

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Want to spend a night in a crazy van for your bachelor party in Thailand? Book your van, put on some music and have a drink, the night is just beginning.

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Be well surrounded for your bachelor party in Thailand. Mojosons selects for you the most beautiful Asian girls to accompany your evening of madness.

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Looking for activities to do during your bachelor party in Thailand? Discover all the Mojosons proposals available when you want. Have fun during your bachelor party.

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Got a Pool Villa in Bangkok or Pattaya? Awesome, let's fill the pool with our gorgeous Thai Bikini Models and give the groom a sexy suncream session.

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Suites, villas with private pool and jacuzzi, what better way to have fun during a bachelor party in Thailand? Choose the accommodation you prefer, and let the evening guide you.

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Want an exceptional dinner for your bachelor party in Thailand? Enjoy fresh homemade sushi on the naked body of a beautiful Asian girl.

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Don't wait more to get the party started. We can get our party models and van to pick you up right after you land for an airport transfer like no other.

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With Mojosons, nothing is left to chance. After a few discussions to understand your desires, we adapt our package to your desires and your budget, with many possibilities:

  • A private party at your hotel or in a beautiful villa surrounded by our sexiest Mojobabes,
  • A bachelor party aboard a private yacht with the most beautiful Asian girls for an unforgettable cruise in the golf of Thailand,
  • A unique airport transfer in a van to start the party upon landing,
  • An intense 2 days package between the hottest spots in Bangkok and Patttaya

Of course, these are just suggestions that you can customize as you wish.

Bachelor party Bangkok

Since the release of the hit movie Hangover 2, Bangkok has become the most famous place to have a bachelor party, and rightly so. If you love partying and Asian girls, you've come to the right place for incredible memories. And if you're not already convinced, here are some reasons to consider Bangkok as the perfect place for your next Bachelor Party:

  • Cheap flights from all over the world,
  • Excellent value for money,
  • Great hotel suites for parties,
  • Exciting nightlife every night of the week,
  • Unique pranks for the groom (Dwarf, Ladyboy, BDSM Club...)
  • Sexy Thai party models!
  • Thai culture and cuisine (in other words, the perfect alibi for your family)

If you are looking for inspiration to organize the perfect bachelor party in Thailand for the groom, you have found it. With over 200 services completed, Mojosons is used to creating crazy events with a long list of crazy and unique ideas. From cheap to very high end, intense or relaxing, chic or wild, safe or.... Here are some ideas to add to your program:

  • Ringing the bell at a gogo bar,
  • Eating sushi on a naked girl,
  • Enjoying cigars and whiskey with a friend
  • Watching Muay Thai fights,
  • Muay Thai training with a special teacher to kick the groom's ass,
  • Spend a night in a private Gentlemen Club room filled with hot Thai girls,
  • Drinking on the roof with a unique view and Asian girls,
  • Handcuffing the groom to a superhero midget,
  • Spanking the lucky guy in a fetish club,
  • Party with topless models on a terrace with jacuzzi...

The choice is yours, the evening is just beginning!

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Bachelor party Pattaya

Organizing a bachelor party in Pattaya is almost a must if you come to Thailand. This city offers everything that Bangkok lacks which is only 2h30 away, with many activities not to be missed:

  • Great deals on villas with private pools by the sea or near Walking Street with various rates to fit any budget. To fill your pool, you can count on Mojoson to book the most beautiful Asian girls in Thailand.
  • Private Yacht Party with Bikini models for a day or an afternoon, to sail with friends around the island and watch the sunset surrounded by sexy models. With 30 boats accommodating from 5 to 100 people, Pattaya is the ideal place to organize your bachelor party.
  • Many outdoor activities surrounded by beautiful Thai girls. Relaxing on the beach with a good oil massage is an option after a long evening of fun. If you prefer, you can also go mountain biking, go to a shooting range, go skydiving, zip lining or fly boarding. Let the groom guide you, Mojosons takes care of everything.
  • Pedestrian streets animated day and night so that the party never stops! In Pattaya, you can't go wrong, the party is everywhere. Walk down Walking Street and enjoy the atmosphere you prefer. If you need advice, Mojosons can tell you the right places to party all night.

Pattaya is the perfect city for bachelor parties in Thailand. Entrust us with your ideas, we will create your custom event. You will not be disappointed with Mojosons.

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Bachelor party in Phuket

The island of Phuket, in the south of Thailand, is a place not to be missed for a successful bachelor party in Thailand. The nightlife is very varied to suit the groom's desires, between vulgar go go bars, thatched beer huts or chic and trendy beach clubs. In Phuket, choose your wild or more relaxed atmosphere among the many addresses proposed by Mojosons, where two ways to party are possible:

  • A lively and overexcited atmosphere surrounded by the prettiest Asian girls in Thailand in Patong, with go go bars, nightclubs, clubs and discos. The groom's bachelor party will be unforgettable in this city where the night is endless.
  • A more relaxed atmosphere in Choeng Tale, a less touristy, upscale and quieter area with lounges and cozy clubs.

Phuket is the place where all desires are possible for your Bachelor Party. Mojosons knows it and organizes the bachelor party you want for the groom, on the duration you want. Another advantage of Phuket is the events organized every month, whether it is a religious event, a traditional celebration or a historical event. Take advantage of these year-round celebrations to give your bachelor party a theme, and enjoy the general atmosphere in Phuket. Chinese New Year, Heroin Festival, Macha Bucha, fair or sports competition, book your stay when you want. You want more information ? Mojosons is at your disposal to organize with you and for you the bachelor party of your dreams in Thailand. See you in Phuket before you get married.

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Bachelor party Thailand, tips from Mojosons

  • Don’t plan too much. Especially if you’ve got a large group. Everybody go at their own pace, some will go harder than others… and the traffic in Thailand is horrible, so don't get a schedule too tight.
  • Don’t try to please everyone. Focus on the groom, and give some free time for everyone else to do their own things. Everybody got different expectations from the trip, and that’s fine as long as you manage to gather together for the activities and parties.
  • Hire someone to help, yep we’re praying for our own church but when you plan trip overseas it has to be enjoyable for the person in charge too. Even if you want to manage most of it, hire guides for the night out so you can party and/or someone to manage the bookings… anything that can give you some free time to enjoy most of the bachelor party trip with the lucky guy.

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FAQ Bachelor Party

Is there a minimum number of participants to organize a bachelor party in Thailand?

No, Mojosons adapts to the number of guests and the budget

Can we organize a bachelor party over several days in Thailand?

Of course! There are so many things to do for a bachelor party! Mojosons prepares the stay you want for the time you want.

Can we organize a customized bachelor party in Thailand?

Of course! Mojosons is an event planner that seeks to organize the best time for your bachelor party. Our services are custom made and adapted to your desires.

Can we choose the girls who accompany us during the evening in Thailand?

Absolutely, Mojosons offers you the prettiest girls in Thailand for your bachelor party, it's up to you to choose the ones you prefer?

Can we organize a bachelor party in Thailand from a distance?

Yes, Mojosons is there to take care of everything. Booking, transportation, accommodation, activities, tell us what you want, we organize your event on the spot according to your conditions.

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