Divorce Party in Thailand is now a thing !

Every big life transitions are often celebrated with a party.

Birthdays, Graduations, Engagements, New Jobs and now, even Divorce Parties are quickly becoming a thing too.

And if you're wondering, where did we get this idea? The answer is pretty simple: From you.

I mean, not you personally, we hope that your wedding or relationship is holding up.

But more and more lately, we received requests from people getting divorced or going through difficult breakups that want our assistance to organize a party to help them get over it.

And if you know us a little bit, that's the kind of challenge that we love.

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From the breakup to the divorce party

It's done, papers are signed, he or she moved out and you're by yourself alone in that house that you took for the both of you.

The entire place is filled of laughters, souvenirs and memories of this great relationship that is now part of the past.

No doubt, you need a break, you need to get out of there.

You ring your best friends, you tell them it's over and that you need to drink until you forget every details of this painful story.

That at this moment that you start to explore options on Google and go down the rabbit hole of checking every options know to man, from the best to the worst.

How are you gonna get over it? What if it's time to do everything you were not even allowed to think for years?

That's where the divorce party begin.

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What a divorce party look like?

So far for what we’ve organized and the request we had, it's business as usual for us as  it’s really similar to a bachelor party for guys and a hen night for girls.

People tend to claim back their freedom the same way they celebrate their “last night of freedom” before they get married.

It's usually a small group of really good friends and it involve sexy models, a lot of drinking, pampering and not so much planning.

Unlike a lot of bachelor parties that sometime take over a week, divorce parties are only a weekend of a few days.

Get in Bangkok, go crazy from the minute you land til you pass out in the early morning, recover the next day with brunch and some massage, fly out the next day or so.


Not so much of a Hangover Movie type of party but more of great party in a different city to change your mind and help you move on.

Don't know if that's something you would consider, but for us, it's sounds about right and from what we've seen, it seems to work.

hangover II bangkok rooftop

The pre-divorce party

That’s another fun request that we had a month ago.

One group brought one of their friend to Bangkok for what they called an “intervention”.

Tired of seeing their friend stuck and miserable with his actual relationship (their words, not ours), they decided to bring him to Bangkok to help him realize how much fun he was missing in his life.

“We’ve known him for more 20 years, we grew up together and we’ve never seen him that unhappy. For the last 3 years, he’s been in a toxic relationship and after years of him complaining but not doing anything about it, we've had enough. We told him we’re going to Bangkok to celebrate my new job. But the truth is, we want him to have fun for once, and maybe decide to move on."

There’s nothing better than a van filled with hot models to welcome you, a hotel suite 5 minute walk from clubs and a booking at a gentlemen club to help your friend realize what he's missing in his life.

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Would you plan a Divorce Party for your friend, or yourself?

That’s not something we wish to anyone of course and hopefully we’ll only be taking care of your Bachelor / Bachelorette Party.

But would you organize a divorce party for a friend or would you plan a trip to Bangkok to move on after a breakup?

If the answer is yes, you know where to find us.

We’re always here to help you have the time of your life and we would love to put a smile on your face.


And if you want to know more about this trend, read this post about a Divorce Party Planner in Cali, it's apparently something that have been around for years:


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