Meet our Team of Gorgeous Thai Party Models

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Get our sexy Thai Party Models to host your next event.

Our Thai Party Models, also called MojoBabes, are our biggest asset to organize an incredible party in Thailand. You will soon find out that they are more than simple model and beautiful faces with gorgeous assets, they're proper party goers.


Way more than simple Models

First, let us clarify the term “Party Models” that is sometime confusing.

Of course finding party girls in Thailand isn’t really a challenge. But you won’t find our Thai Models working in clubs, bars, and of course not in Go Go Bars either. Our girls do modeling, promote products, are hostesses at big events, and they all are (or have been) parts of magazines such as Playboy, Penthouse, FHM and other renowned men magazines…

You might have see them already in Motor Shows, Bikini Photos, Ads, Online Shows… they’re really standing out from other Hot Thai Girls.

But a gorgeous body is nothing without the right attitude.

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Party with Gorgeous Thai Girls

In “Party Models”, we put the word party for a reason. While we’re lucky that Thailand have so many beautiful women, it doesn’t always mean they will be great party hosts.

Everybody have heard stories about girls that stop being fun after a little while. They're just hanging around and waiting to get paid.

Our team of Thai Party Models are not only gorgeous Girls, they’re also really outgoing, playful and will make everyone feel at ease. They're the real party expects. They know how to break the ice and get and the party started without being pushy. They also know how to get people drunk faster than they see it coming ahah. So be careful!

But no matter what, you'll be pleased to find our girls are always in a good mood, focused on our guests and to provide the best experience possible. That didn't happen over night.

While we have access to over 100 profiles, events after events we built a serious relationship with the best of them.

Nowadays we're working some of them for over 2 years. They’ve seen it all and will know how to adapt perfectly to each crowd and get the party going in every case.

They’re the sexy touch to all kind of events in Thailand

We gained our reputation thanks to this hot party models. They’ve hosted private party in suites in Bangkok, Private Pool Party in Pattaya or even Corporate Events in Thailand. You can blindly trust them for your event, they know what they're doing when it comes to party.

Our team have manners and is full of great characters too. They're way more than cute faces and pretty bodies. They'll be the sexy face of your brand and welcome your guests with the respect they deserve. Whether you need Pretties for a ceremony, Hostesses to take care of your customers, intense Party Goers for a crazy party with your mates or any special requests... we'll work with you to find the right profiles that match your requirements and expectations.


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Everything is taken care of

It's important to mention that for each event, we're sending over a manager to make sure everything runs smoothly. You have one person to talk to if there's anything that don't go as you please.

He's also there to guarantee there will be no misunderstanding or drama. You're here to have fun and party, it's what you'll get. Our team is here to make sure every details are covered so you can focus solely on having a great time with your friends.


Can you choose which Thai Party Models will be at your event?

Yes! As soon as we’ve sorted out all the details together, we’ll check which MojoBabes are available for your party. We’ll share this selection with you and of course we’ll make recommendation based on our experience with each of them.

Please keep in mind that the earlier you book, the more choice you'll have. Even though we can sometimes accommodate last minutes request (24 hours notice), the best is at least a week or more to organize an event in the best conditions.


Want to Party with our Thai Party Models?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to party with some of the most beautiful Thai Girls. We're to answers all your questions and to help you have an epic party in Thailand!

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** Please note that we do not offer escort services or any sex related services. If that's what you're looking for, we recommend you to have a look at Smooci Thailand, detailed review on our MojoSons Blog.

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