Sushi in Bangkok, tasty sushi with a unique sexy twist

Looking for an original option for Sushi in Bangkok?

As what happen in Bangkok stays in Bangkok, why not change your approach to sushi while you’re here?

Let’s put aside the chopsticks and the Zen Japanese restaurant for this time and try the famous Nyotaimori instead, the so called “naked sushi”.

A business trip, a bachelor party, a birthday or even a Friday night… every excuses are good for delicious sushi in Bangkok on a naked girl.

body sushi house party bangkok

Focus on the Sushi

I know it will be hard to focus on the sushi. Still, it’s as important as the quality of the model so we’re make sure to pick really delicious ones.

Wasabi, soy sauce, ginger… this is up to you, we’re not here to discuss your tastes.

But when it comes to sushi, we don't go halfway about the quality. We handpick the best sushi shop in your area to bring them fresh straight from the restaurant, to your place.

No cheap, dry sushi with a little piece of fish on top. We’re talking about proper tasty sushi.


Sushi on a naked girl (or guy)

This has to be the best way to enjoy your sushi.

Now that we got the sushi we will place them strategically on the naked body of our beautiful model, along her/his generous curves. Sushi will be displayed on every parts, waiting for you to savor them.

We can guarantee that once you’ve tried this set up, eating sushi in a regular restaurant won’t be the same anymore.


Sushi in Bangkok with no Chopsticks.

Here’s the main rule that I’m sure you guessed already. No Chopsticks!

Of course, no wasabi on the model’s sensitive parts and no soy sauce all over her body.

Now it’s time to eat! You’re only allowed to grab the sushi directly with your mouth. Plus, on top of that we will also add some special rules to spice up the experience. This is not gonna a meal like any other, it’s a pure show.


body sushi mojosons models

Any excuse is a good for Body Sushi in Bangkok or Pattaya

We’ve done it for Bachelor Party, Birthday, groups on holidays in Bangkok and even (small) corporate event and business meetings. All occasions are good to try new experiences.

We’ve had sessions with girls enjoying sushi on a naked female model and the other way around with guys. Our manager and genuine model will put everyone at ease and bring the ice for a fun time.


Requirements for the Body Sushi

The only thing we need is a private room where we can set up the show (about 15 minutes). And access to a bathroom for the model, before and after the show.

Other than that, everything is taken care of. Once we’ve locked the place, date, time and you’ve carefully selected the model you want, your job is done. The rest is on us.

Please give us as much notice as you can. Even though we can sometimes do it on the day or week, booking a week or more in advance will not only help us to plan it but most importantly, give you more choice for the model.


Book a Body Sushi Today

Send us a message today for more details and to organize Body Sushi Bangkok at your place. And if Sushi don’t suit you, or you’re a vegetarian, no worries. There's plenty options we can arrange for you.

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