Stag Party Planning

Stag Party Planning, a quick guide from pros

With over 200 Bachelor Parties between Bangkok and Pattaya we’re now getting a pretty good idea of what work and what mistakes to avoid when you’re planning a bachelor party.

Based on our experience, here are a quick step by step guide and pro tips to help your plan your trip

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Find the right Bachelor Ideas

So a night out with the boys, a stripper, and what else? The Hangover trilogy is really fun but not really the best source of ideas.

First you want to get as many suggestions as possible from the groom, that’s his special party and you need to make sure it’s gonna be as close as possible from what he expects.


Once that's done, find more ideas to exceed his expectations and go the extra mile to make it memorable. There’s no right or wrong answer, you have to go along what he likes and do more of that.

If he likes to party, make sure you got the best table in the best club… he’s the crazy one, make sure he got some sexy shows from another world… he’s used to the best and never satisfied? Drown him under boobs and let see what he has to say…

When you're done with a dozen a good ideas in mind, let's move to the next step.


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Pick a Date and Location

Start figuring out who’s interested and what location and dates suit everyone. Nothing better than a good Doodle to get everyone to vote on the best dates.


For the location, it will depend on how much time you got, the budget, but also how crazy you want it. It can be a night, a crazy weekend in a town nearby or a week long trip.

Las Vegas, Eastern Europe and Thailand usually come first on the list and for good reasons, there’s so many options in each place that you got no way to go wrong. But you can also try some of the new hot spots like Colombia, Philippines...

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Set a Budget

Now that’s the hard part, not everyone in the group will have the same kind of money to spend. It’s better to get a rough idea right away so you can start to get a realistic plan.

Don’t book too much in advance, stick to accommodation, transportation, the main activities and parties. For extras, let everyone do what they want and what they can afford.

The best is to get one or two person to manage the bookings and money. Then to keep track of expenses you can use an old school spreadsheet or use an app like Splid to put on the go who paid what and settle the bill at the end of the night/trip

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Plan Ahead but don’t too much.

Planning in advance is key, especially if you got a big group, to get the best rates, take your time to think things through and enough time for  everyone to agree on the group activities.

Another important thing, for the Best Man and those who organize, do not try to please everyone. If you got big groups, not everybody will have the same budget, expectations, rhythm… and that’s fine.

Schedule the main activities and parties and leave some free time for everyone to rest and do their own things.  Some groups do everything together but most don’t. If some want to go shopping while others go for a body massage, it doesn’t matter, as long as everyone is together for parties and drinks.

Focus on the groom

Because you’re here for him and you don't want to get any trouble with the bride if anything happen to him.

And we know you want to get him wasted, get his ass whipped, dressed as a mermaid... but give him some time to breath too. We've seen too many  bachelor nights with a groom wasted 2 hours into the party. 😂

Give him to help to last as long as possible through the event.

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Get help from a Concierge or a Stag Planner

We know how it is, you’re busy, you’ve got things to do and planning a trip for a group of excited guys can be a lot of extra work you probably don’t need.

It’s even more tricky when you take a group abroad. Some even if people even think it might cost more to hire someone to help, it's usually the opposite.

Not only you save time but you also avoid the tourist traps, common mistakes and get to focus on the party, not all the logistic. And when all you want is get your hand fulls with a cigar a drink and... that’s priceless.


To Sum Up

  • 🦄 Be original, mix classic and funny ideas.
  • 📝 Pick a location and date, and check who's in.
  • 💸 Set a budget
  • 🚀 Book the main things (accommodation, transportation, activities/tables)
  • 🎉 But don't plan too much, and leave some spare time for everyone to do their own things.
  • 🐵 Get help for Bachelor Party Planning !
  • (and keep the groom alive 😇)


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