Rainy Season won’t stop the party!

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Rainy season doesn't mean you can't party in Thailand

Even though August to November isn’t the best time of the year to get a yacht party, keep in mind that first it doesn’t often rain all day, second, there’s plenty of other options to enjoy your trip while avoiding the rain.


Stay Dry

You know you don't even have to go out of your suite or your villa to party. We organize private parties and shows, we bring the fun to your place so you don't even have to leave and go trough the rain.

Sit back relax, check our options, send us a message and stay dry, rainy season won't get you, we take care of the rest. Delivering the fun straight to your door.


Avoid the Rain

You've decided to go out no matter what, no problem. The nightlife is still buzzing and there's always something special going on.

It's the best time to rent one of our Party Van. With a light and sound system inside you can get the party going all day, all night even in the traffic. Pick up right at the door of you villa or your hotel, dropping you right in front of the club you won't even have to get wet, especially if you've booked a VIP Table with us, you'll be able to skip the queue and go straight from the Van to your table without waiting.

Get a Luxury Accommodation

Rainy season is also low season, which means there’s a lot of suites and villas available for cheap. Take advantage of the best deals and the lowest rates to treat yourself with a jacuzzi in your room or a large villa. If you have to spend more time inside because of the rain, stay in style.


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To discuss how we can help you avoid the rain and fill this rainy days with great activities and parties.

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