The Mojo Party Package

Think you can handle our signature journey? We'll personally lead the way on this one and check in if you can make it through alive! This will be an uphill battle, only for the toughest party animals out there!

Party like the MojoSons!

Not afraid of 4 Days of insane parties? You agree there’s never enough boobs or booze? Think you can be crazier than us on our own battlefield? Let us judge it.

We created the perfect party plan! The endless parties kind of trip. Gorgeous girls, incredible places, fun activities and a ton of surprises to ensure you never get bored.

Of course, this will not happen as it's written. It’s just to give you an idea of what we would do. We don’t want you to expect anything but to trust us and go with the flow. We’ll take care of the rest.


Everywhere and nowhere.


4 Days / 4 Nights.

Included features:

  • Vans.
  • Stretch Limousine.
  • Villa in Pattaya.
  • Private Pool Party with Bikini Models.
  • Gogo Bar Hopping with Dwarves.
  • Yacht Party with (more) Bikini Models.
  • Soapy Massage.
  • Fetish Club.
  • VIP Clubbing experience.
  • ATV Tour.
  • Party Friendly accommodation in Bangkok.
  • Premium Bar Hopping.
  • Ping Pong Show.
  • Muay Thai Fight.
  • Shooting Range.
  • Go Karting.
  • Flowhouse Surfing Bar.
  • Rooftop Bar.
  • Gentlemen Club.
  • DJs.
  • Photographer.

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The Mojo Package Schedule

Take a deep breath and dive into it.

DAY 1 - 12pm: Are you ready?

Pick Up at your place or at the Airport.

We got our own way to greet people, we promise you’ve never seen anything like that.

1pm: Limousine, drinks and ...

Get in the limousine, pop some Rum or Tequila (Champagne is for pussies…), music playing, feel the vibe and grab one…(gl)ass.

4pm: Check into your palace.

Welcome to your villa. You have seen the ones in the movies? This one is just as big and packed of cool features. There might not be enough rooms for everyone but remember what we say “sharing is caring”.

4.30pm: Private Mojo Pool Party.

The DJ is starting to play by the pool, boobs are running free and the booze is flowing. It sounds like the right way to start this amazing trip. During the next few hours, you’ll have a succession of games, dares and fun activities so everyone get to know each other. Relax, we’ll adapt to you a little, you don’t have to be as crazy as we are. Just to give it a try. The only rule is you’re not allowed to surrender before the end of the trip. Remember that well.

11pm: Walking Street with Superheroes.

First round is done. Let’s jump into the vans as we go explore Walking Street guided by Dwarf Superheroes. You’re about to discover a face of Thailand’s nightlife you haven’t seen yet.

Warm Up is done, let's get serious.

DAY 2 - 1pm: Wake up with cuddles.

We know it’s been a short night and you’ve seen the sun rise, but don’t worry, a few cuddles with our models and you'll be ready to go. Anyway, you won't need too much energy on the Yacht.

2pm: Mojo Yacht Party

Get on board, grab a model drink and let’s get to it. Of course it could be a regular cruise. But we don’t do regular stuff. Jump from the top deck contest, playing twister on a boat, sexy suncream session…

7pm: Massage and relaxation before the second night.

Back at the villa, time for a happy soapy massage. No need to explain more I guess.

9pm: Good Boys go to Heaven, Bad Boys go to Pattaya.

We know you’ve been naughty guys, so follow us into the darkness of our favorite BDSM club. Be pleased and punished by skilled mistresses and maybe.. Only maybe… you’ll have the right to have your own slave, if you deserve it.

12pm: VIP Clubbing in Pattaya.

Now that the pressure has been released, let’s check out the best clubs of Pattaya, once again, we’ll lead the way in this last night in Pattaya and will show you what a real wingman is.

By now, you should be slowly turning into Monkeys.

DAY 3 - 12pm: Slow Morning.

Easy Morning guys. Chill by the pool, take time to enjoy your breakfast and hear the tales about the two last nights, you’ll probably have stories to share too by then.

1pm: Wild Ride!

Leaving the villa for a last stop before we get back to Bangkok, an ATV tour.

4pm: Time to hit Bangkok.

Heading back to Bangkok, it’s time to for a quick nap on the way.

7pm: Enjoy your suite.

Checking at your hotel, be ready for another night of craziness.

8pm: Calm before the storm.

Let’s check out 3 of the best bars in town, drinking a Pint of fine beer (Belgium or IPA please), smoke a cigar and drink shots at -5 degrees.

10pm: Diving into Bangkok red light district.

Finally the time has come to see a world famous Ping Pong Show so you can tick that off your bucket list if it wasn’t done already. Then let see a Muay Thai Fights and Strippers at the same time, Thailand is the only place in the world where you’re given that opportunity, seize it.

12am: Clubbing, same same but different.

Check out one of our favorite club in Bangkok, a unique design and atmosphere for a crowd at least as unique.

Last day before you become part of the family.

DAY 4 - 1pm: Adrenaline is what keeps you alive.

Last day is gonna be all about adrenaline. You’ll need all the energy you got left.

2pm: Guns and babes.

First activity, shooting range. Handguns, Shotguns and rifles with a sexy instructor.

3pm: Monkeys behind the wheels.

Go Karting and race against each other to win the bottle of Champagne.

6pm: Yes, Monkeys can surf too.

What about a surf session in Bangkok? Yes you can catch beers while waiting for your turn.

8pm: Nap O'Clock.

Shower break before the last dinner of this trip.

9pm: Dinner on top of Bangkok

Dinner and drinks on our favorite Rooftop.

11pm: Do not forget, MojoSons are Gentlemen!

And what would be a Gentlemen’s trip without a Gentlemen’s club. Gorgeous girls, luxury venue and high end service. Only the best.

1am: Every good things come to an end.

This is our last mission, last set of clubs. Let's give a new meaning to YOLO and see how far we can push boundaries. Tonight, everything is allowed.

If you fought well, that night you’ll be rewarded by becoming one of us. Glad you made it and welcome to the MojoSons family.

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