A unique Hen Night in Bangkok with sexy and naughty options.

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Hen Night in Bangkok, Male Stripper and more...

We often hear that a Bachelorette Party is about pampering, massages and a few glasses of wine between friends. Ladies, I’m glad to announce you that a Hen Night in Bangkok has much more to offer.

Judging by most of the girls we met and the requests we have, like Stag Dos, Hen Nights tend to evolve.

Pampering is still an option

If you want a spa to chill with your friends, a private class about DIY organic makeup and a classy bar where you can drink a few glasses of wine in a private room filled with balloons, that sounds great and we’ll be happy to help you put it together.

But what if you want to go wild for your Hen Night in Bangkok? What if you want to surprise everyone in the best manner possible and make sure to create a moment all your friends including the bride are going to remember forever?


Here are ideas for a Bachelorette Party

What about a pole dance private class, where you show your skills and share with your friends your sexy tricks. Pole Dance has become more than an art, it’s a real sport now that has gain a lot of attention over the last few years, here’s the occasion to learn some movements.

Or if you don’t want to get near a Pole bar, what about a Striptease class instead?

So know that you’re done with the class you can get serious and warm up with a sexy show by a hot male stripper.I’m not talking about a guy that just take off his clothes.

I’m talking about a guy with muscles about to explode, sharp abs and that can move his hips in a way that will make you shiver.

(Now imagine what kind of show 2 of them could do! That’s a unique gig you must experience once in your life.)


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More Hot Guys in Bangkok

Or maybe the Male Stripper is too overrated or not enough and you want more. In that case why not bring a naked guy we’ll cover with sushi or cupcakes and whipped cream? What about drinking shots directly in the middle of his 6 packs while holding firmly his ass?

I’m sure we’re getting closer to what a great Hen Night in Bangkok should look like. Now what about we add a couple of strong arms to take care of the Bachelorette friend’s?

A few more guys to party with you, play some fun and naughty games, devoted to treat you like princesses to make it a night you’ll remember for years.


Clubbing Like Princesses in Bangkok

For you we open the best tables in most trendy clubs in Bangkok. With or without our sexy boy(s), get a VIP table with special treatment. Jump the queue, have your own space to dance with your friends. The night is yours and nothing should be able to stop you.

Let us know what music you fancy and we'll be happy to recommend and book the right club for you. We can also arrange a Sexy Guide to take you around town and show you the perfect spot for fine dining and drinks. Only the best.


Why not organizing the Hen Night in Pattaya?

Only a few hours from Bangkok, Pattaya offers some great options too. You can take the whole scene to a private villa with a pool and get those sexy guys to wear tight swimsuits.

And why not even watch them diving from the top deck of a yacht while you're sipping cocktails. Pattaya have the best value for villas and yachts, please ask us for more details.


Ready to be the best Bridesmaid and organize a kick ass Hen Night in Bangkok?

We're at your disposal to help you plan the perfect itinerary and book for you the right activities and Sexy Shows. Our hot guys are waiting for you.



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