Dan Bilzerian "Reloaded" Party Package


Bangkok & Pattaya.


3 Days / 3 Nights.

Included features

  • Vans
    • round trip Bangkok-Pattaya
    • transfers between activities and accommodation
  • Beards
  • Paintball
  • Shooting Range
  • Stretch Limousine
  • VIP Booking
  • ATV Trip
  • Villa with a Pool
  • Body Sushi
  • Boob Luge
  • Topless Bikini Models
  • Secret show
  • Games
  • Dares
  • Yacht Party
  • (even more girls)
  • 2x Sexy Party Guides
  • Gogo Bars hopping

Recommended optional features

  • Cigars.
  • Luxury Limousines.
  • DJ.
  • Photograph.

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Dan Bilzerian "Reloaded" Schedule

Not everyone can be Dan.

DAY 1 - 12pm: Straight to the point!

Pick Up at your place, transfer to the paintball field. The van is already filled with beers, don't loose time.

1pm: Paintball session.

Choose your team wisely and go to war! Show us what you’ve got.

3pm: Drop your weapons and get in the van.

Transfer to the Shooting Range, time to try some real guns.

4pm: Handguns, Shotguns...

Time to handle some real guns with our sexy hostess as an instructor.

5pm: Have a break.

Transfer back to your hotel.

9pm: Riding like a rocktstar.

Get ready, the limo and the party guides are waiting for you, tonight you’ll be partying as VIPs.

11pm: Dan doesn't queue, so you won't have to.

VIP entrance, VIP table, dedicated waitress, tonight we’ll do everything for you to feel special. Enjoy it but keep in mind, it’s just the beginning.

Gearing up.

DAY 2 - 11am: Get up guys!

Morning Sleepy heads, time to go to Pattaya. Pack your stuffs, get in the van, play your favorite tune and grab a beer.

2pm: Drive in the wild.

We got an intense afternoon planned for you. It includes ATVs and a lot of adrenaline.

6pm: Discover your villa for the next 2 nights.

Check in at your villa. Get a shower and even a nap if you feel weak. We know Dan wouldn’t, but not everybody can handle his lifestyle.

7pm: Private pool party at your place.

Glad your villa got a pool cause we’re bringing a lot of topless bikini models to party with ya. Dinner on a naked girl, boob luge, a surprise show and naughty games. Happy days.

You better have energy left!

DAY 3 - 1pm: Final Lap.

Wassup? Still alive? You better be! Once again, get in the van and catch a cold beer, it’s another sunny day for you guys.

2pm: Private yacht party!

Get on board! This yacht is yours for the day if you accept to share it with the girls. Swimming, fishing and even… Jet Skiing. Yep you heard me right, it’s gonna be a hell of a day again.

6pm: Finally some time to rest before the final round.

Back at the Marina, time to get a real nap this time. You’ll need all the energy you got left for this last night.

9pm: Guided by 2 Sexy party guides.

Grab your stacks of ฿20’s, it’s a must for those insane Gogos, there’s nothing else we can do for you. Go all-in in Sin City! It’s your last party with your bros.

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