After a crazy month of April, we’re ready to take over the Party Scene

This year we decided to take few days off during Songkran to enjoy Thai New Year and take part in the water fights. That didn’t stop us from making April our biggest month ever with a new record number of private parties in the same month. 

private resort pattaya mojosons

In only 30 days, we had the chance to welcome over a dozen groups from all over the world. Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Malaysia, UK, USA, Italy, France, Slovakia, Morocco, India… all coming for the same reason in Thailand, have a taste of what Thailand is famous for... gorgeous girls, unstoppable parties, shinning sun and one of the best value for money in the world. 


That was intense for everyone. A ton of fun, crazy nights out in Bangkok and Walking Streets, countless sushi where eaten off our Mojobabes, private Pool Parties, bookings in the best clubs in Bangkok, a few epic nights at the PIMP Bangkok… And we're proud to say, everybody made it alive!


Once again we met some incredible people and made our best to make sure everybody got stories to remember. Some that we will share on our MojoSons Blog. but most of them will have to remain a secret for the good of everyone.


You know how it works: “What happens in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok”.


Now after over 18 months at your service and some really helpful feedbacks, we’re looking at expanding our operation to welcome even more of you. With over 200+ events, we learned a lot from so many different experiences, challenges and exciting plans.

private yacht cruise bachelor pattaya

We want to share more of our knowledge to help you plan your fun time in Thailand, help you make the most of it, but we also want to offer you better services so you can get even more out of your time with us.


In the next months, we’re gonna restructure our company, our list of services and the website to reflect all this changes.


Here’s what you can expect soon:

  • More free information and recommendations on our second website. More stories about what life is like in Bangkok and what happened during parties we hosted or attended. Trust us, you’re gonna love it.
  • A clear list of services and a price range for each, on the website and on the documents we send you, for more transparency.
  • A new focus on companies epic trip and parties. Want to celebrate with your colleagues, business partners or employees? We feel like it can be tricky to find the right info for business trips and corporate events, we're gonna do more to assist you in planning your next party!


Back to work now, it's time to work on all this exciting projects.


We’re looking forward to welcome more of you and to work on new challenges and bigger events.


Thanks again for your support

MojoSons Events Team

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