Hotel Suites, our selection of party friendly places to stay in Bangkok

Best hotel suites in Bangkok for Bachelor party and trips

Wanna host a private party in Bangkok suites or at least be free to have a few drinks with your friends and some music without the staff of the hotel coming to complain about the noise.

After dozens successful and sometimes loud private parties in Bangkok hotels, here are a few Bangkok Suites that we're happy to recommend.


hangover suite lebua state tower bangkok

Hangover Suites at Lebua

First one would be the Hangover Suite in Lebua at State Tower. Named after the movie of the same name.

You got yourself a 3 bedrooms suite with a large living room and an outstanding view of Bangkok.

We’ve got at least one event each month in this suites and never had any trouble regarding the noise. There’s a good sound system, a lot of space and a really awesome room service.

Not the cheapest, but you got definitely a run for your money. And when you come for a Bachelor Party in Bangkok, that's usually the hotel that come first to mind.

ambassador suite the davis bangkok

Ambassador Suites at The Davis

Here’s probably one of the best deal in the city. Especially if you want to host a private party there.

Starting at 5,400THB only you can get a 2 bedrooms suite with a Jacuzzi in the middle of the living room, big enough to fit 6-8 people.

No crazy view of Bangkok though but you probably have the best value in town and a hotel with a convenient location. (Sukhumvit Soi 24, 5 minutes away from Sing Sing Theater and Thonglor)

They also have other really good deals, including Baan Villas with Jacuzzis too and a shared swimming pool.

We've had some scandalous events here, 20 people screaming in the room at 10pm. The room service came to drop ice and soft drinks but never said a word about the noise.


3 Bedrooms Suites at Somerset Lake View.

Perfect for Sunset time with a great view on the Lake of Benchakiti Park. Really convenient location, large suite with a big living room and a nice view of Bangkok.

Price is pretty good for the size of the suites.

The Extreme Wow Suite at W Hotel

This suite have only one room but plenty of space to do whatever you want and a panoramic view of Bangkok. The suite also features a great sound system, a jacuzzi, a steam-room and so many other features...

vertigo and moon bar bangkok

Banyan Tree

We also had a few parties there and enjoyed the large living rooms in most of the suites.

Most of them have a stunning view of Bangkok and you're only floors away of one of the best rooftop bar in town, the Vertigo and Moon Bar.


More Hotel Suites in Bangkok

Of course you got endless options in Bangkok. But we had the wildest parties in thoses Bangkok Suites. So if you want to avoid trouble, you can trust our experience.

Now, all main big hotel brands will take good care of their guests that book suites, Marriott, Hilton, Westin, Sofitel So, …. You have many more awesome Bangkok Suites, and if you book there, you shouldn’t have any trouble if you party. As long as people can't hear you from the other side of the floor.


If you need any assistance to book the right hotel for your stay, please feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to check with you the right Bangkok Suites for your stay.

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