Bangkok Shooting Range, adrenaline rush in Bangkok

Bangkok Shooting Range

Bangkok Shooting Range is definitely one of our most popular activity in Bangkok.

It's also with no doubt one of the best Shooting Range in Thailand, and for sure,  different from all those you’ve seen before.

Bangkok Shooting Range is  actually located inside an actual military school in activity.

So on your way to the shooting field you’ll pass by the tanks and the cadets training as you get where the action take place.

There you’ll find all types of guns from 9mm to long rifles. Everything’s is there for a unique experience and intense sensations.

shooting range bangkok guns mini

Bangkok Shooting Range Package

Go all in or go home.

That's how we roll and what we're know for.

That’s why our package includes 5 types of guns.

You’ll start slow with a 9mm. Move on to Caliber .38, a .45 before you end up with a shotgun and finally a rifle. All in the same session. So you can be confident you'll get your adrenaline fix for the day!

That's the best way to guarantee you make the most out of your experience at Bangkok Shooting Range.

Included in the Mojo Package at Bangkok Shooting Range:

  • 9mm
  • .38
  • .45
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle

Best Hangover activity in Bangkok

Here for a Stag Party in Thailand? While Go Karting, Flowhouse and Thai Boxing are a lot of fun, it might not be the best option if you’re were out until sunrise.

Bangkok Shooting Range is the perfect activity after a big night with your mates.

Let the gun powder smell wake you up and get the adrenaline rushing before another crazy night out.

If you ask us, it’s also the right time to bet who’s gonna pay the next round of drinks.

Pattaya Shooting Range also available.

You’re gonna be staying in Pattaya? No problem.

Especially after a rough night in Walking Street, Pattaya Shooting Park is the perfect place to chill.

Get a fresh beer and hangout in the park before and/or after your session.

At Pattaya Shooting Range we also have a special Mojo Package with 4 types of guns, starting with 9mm, Caliber .22 and .45 and of course, the Shotgun.

bangkok shooting range bachelor party

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