Bachelor Party Ideas and Tips for unforgettable memories !

With over 200 Stag do in Thailand between Bangkok and Pattaya we’ve came with a pretty long list of ideas for your event.

Anything from crazy to classy, surprises and pranks, relax or intense, we've got it all covered.

Because every bachelor parties are different and each best man got a different vision on what they want to do for the groom, the more options you have, the easier it is.

But we know it can be hard to find all the possibilities or what would be best for this unique event.

So if you’re looking for inspiration for this really special occasion, here’s what you need :

party models pool party

Best Bachelor Party Ideas

Of course this can go any way you want, and you might want to keep it low key if you've got family coming. Or you might want to go crazy for with this last night(s) of freedom to go out with a bang.

It's up to you, but here are the ideas that come first to mind:

  • A Stripper, that’s a classic but it always work like magic.
  • Stag Activities with the boys, Shooting Range, ATV, Thai Boxing, Go Karting...
  • Gogo Bar Hopping, get the groom on stage after a few drinks and admire his best moves while he's dancing with the girls.
  • Eat Sushi off a naked girl, because there’s no best way to enjoy sushi.
  • Party in the best club in town, with a VIP table, special treatment and stay close to the action.
  • Cigars and Whisky pairing, for some chill time with quality products.
  • A nice massage, to relax from all this madness. Thai or Soapy? That’s up to you to decide. What would he like best?
  • Private Pool or Yacht Party with Hot Girls, for an afternoon he's not gonna forget.
dwarf in pattaya party

Some funny stag do ideas

Want to surprise or prank the groom? Or other member(s) of the group? Here’s what we suggest:

  • A Ladyboy Prank, a regular stripper start the show, then blindfold the lucky boy before she switch with a ladyboy. (that’s a must for a bachelor party in Thailand)
  • Handcuff him to a Midget, attach him to a little guy disguised as Batman as soon as you land or when you go Gogo Bar hopping.
  • Get him spanked at a BDSM Club, we hang him on the cross and get his ass whipped and maybe more, that's up to you.
  • Fill the villa or the hotel suite with Bikini Models (or topless ones), priceless face guaranteed when he walks in.
  • Get his ass kicked by a female Thai Boxer, he think he's going to a regular boxing training, but we have a surprise for him.
party girls stag do

Crazy and Wild bachelor party ideas to spice things up

We’ve already get the stripper and the pranks out of the questions, so what’s left? Well, we’re never out of ideas:

  • Play twister with Bikini Models, and see how long before he falls under the b..
  • A sexy suncream session, done by our party girls !
  • Drown him under an ocean of boobs
  • Get a Private Room in a Gentlemen Club
  • Drink shots straight from girl's boobs
  • Skydiving (before a night out), definitely not something you want to do after too many drinks.
  • Give him some Kamagra for the night, it’s like viagra but a lot softer. Still fun to see him horny and wandering in the club...
party model pool table

Ideas for a Bachelor in Bangkok and Pattaya

Wondering why Bangkok is so famous for Bachelor Parties?

That’s not only because of the Hangover II movie, it’s also because you can do everything here.

All the ideas we’ve listed above can be done either in Bangkok or in Pattaya. (or both)

And the list goes on and on, it only depends on what the groom and the group want. Classy, crazy, wild, high end… or a mix of all of it !


In Short

You can play it like Dan Bilzerian :

Bikini models, yacht party, guns…

Choose High End features only:

Cigars and Whisky pairing, rooftop dinner, gentlemen club...

Go Wild

Gogo bars, private room party in your suite, party van with drinks and drinking games, dwarf, ladyboy prank…


Skydiving, ATV, Go Karting, Muay Thai fights or training…


Or mix everything for the ultimate trip. The only limit is your imagination.


Tips for a great bachelor party

Based on our experience, here are some pro tips:

  • Don’t plan too much. Especially if you’ve got a large group. Everybody go at their own pace, some will go harder than others… and the traffic in Thailand is horrible, so don't get a schedule too tight.
  • Don’t try to please everyone. Focus on the groom, and give some free time for everyone else to do their own things. Everybody got different expectations from the trip, and that’s fine as long as you manage to gather together for the activities and parties.
  • Hire someone to help, yep we’re praying for our own church but when you plan trip overseas it has to be enjoyable for the person in charge too. Even if you want to manage most of it, hire guides for the night out so you can party and/or someone to manage the bookings… anything that can give you some free time to enjoy most of the bachelor party trip with the lucky guy.


Last word

Have fun and create memories that will last forever, celebrate being with each other and enjoy your time abroad.

It’s basic but at the end of the day it’s all about having a good time with your friends and as long as you’re together, everything will be fun !

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