Bachelor Party Bangkok, ready for an epic trip?

Whether you’re here because you’ve seen of the Hangover II or because you genuinely like Thailand (or both?), Bangkok is living up to its reputation when it comes to bachelor parties and it’s party scene in general !

A few reasons why Bangkok is the perfect location for your next stag do :

  • Cheap flights from all over the world
  • Awesome value for money
  • Outstanding party friendly hotel suites
  • Hectic nightlife every nights of the week
  • Unique pranks for the groom (Dwarf, Ladyboy…)
  • Sexy Thai Party Models !
  • The culture and the food (in other words, the perfect alibi for your family )


Bangkok Stag Ideas for your trip

Well, you’re in the right spot if you look for inspiration to plan your next bachelor party in Bangkok. By living in Bangkok we know all the things you shouldn’t miss and with the experience of over 200 Bachelor Parties, let’s say we’ve had the chance to come up with some new fresh ideas thanks to a bunch of crazy groups that really inspired us.

Bangkok seduce everyone because in the city of Angels can party and enjoy any way you want. Cheap to really high end, intense to relaxing, classy to crazy, safe to…. We’ll do our best to keep everyone alive.

Here are a few ideas to add to your program :

  • Ring the bell at a Gogo bar
  • Eat sushi off a naked girl
  • Cigars and Whisky tasting
  • See Muay Thai fights
  • Muay Thai training with a special teacher to kick the groom’s ass
  • Gentlemen Club private room filled with girls
  • Rooftop drinks
  • Go Karting
  • Shooting Range
  • Throw axes
  • Attach the groom to a superhero dwarf
  • Get the groom spanked in a bdsm club
  • Party with topless models on a terrace with a jacuzzi…

If you need more ideals, we’re happy to give you more and to discuss the ones you like and how to implement them into your itinerary.

thailand gogo bars

Get a taste of Bangkok Nightlife

Go Go Bars, Clubs, Rooftop Bars, Gentlemen Clubs… Bangkok have one of the most diverse and hectic nightlife with enough options and variety to suit everyone.

Go on a Whisky and Cigars tasting, follow our party guide through the famous Bangkok red light districts and finish in the VIP section of one of the trendiest club in the city. Or maybe to the bdsm club to prank the groom… Question is how far are you willing to take it?

As we realize so many options can be overwhelming especially when you plan your trip from abroad, we’re here to help you create the right itinerary for your group and of course to guarantee that the groom will have the time of his life. No mandatory stops or obligations, you tell us what you got in mind, the vibe you’re looking for…. We suggest you places and activities then work with you on the best itinerary for your wolfpack!

party guides in bangkok

Bangkok Bachelor Party Packages

We put together a bunch of packages based on our most popular services mixed with the must dos for Bachelor Parties. That should give you some inspiration to plan your trip and to prepare an epic party for your friends.

And if none of them suit you, you’re in the right place too. We use this packages to showcase our best sellers and what we recommend but 95% of the stags do we organize are custom made to fit the fantasies of each group.

party van in bangkok

Party even when you’re stuck in traffic !

Bangkok’s main issue is without a doubt it’s traffic that can easily double the time of any commute. Airport transfers, on the way for dinner or to the club… get party vans to keep the party going at all time.

We’ve got vans equipped with special light and sound systems so you can keep drinking and partying even when you’re in the traffic.

Extend the Playground to Pattaya

Have a few days to spare? Take the Stag to Pattaya too. The city is only two hours and a half from Bangkok by van and offer the best value for pool villas in Thailand, a lot of options for outdoor activities and a hectic nightlife renowned worldwide.

ATV, shooting range or flyboard to start the day right followed by a Yacht Party or Private Pool Party during the afternoon Then finish the night for a crazy bar hopping in the famous Walking Street with hundreds of bars and clubs to explore.

You think you got it takes to do your bachelor party in Bangkok?

Let’s do it then ! Send us a message today with what you got in mind and as many details as possible about your trip to plan it together.

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