Get a unique Bachelor Party in Bangkok and Pattaya!

That’s your mate last night of freedom (or last trip) and you want to throw him a crazy Bachelor Party in Bangkok before the big day? We got you covered.


We understand the challenge that is organizing a trip or a party for a group, especially when it’s  overseas. We’re here to help you all along the process and provide you the rights insights and recommendations so you can focus on what matters, THE GROOM.


Bangkok packs everything you need for an unforgettable adventure. Go Go Bars, Clubs, Gentlemen Clubs, Pool parties, gorgeous girls… Possibilities are endless and with the right info and services, you’re about to get a taste of what’s make Bangkok so famous for Stag Party.


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Welcome to the crazy Bangkok Nightlife

From Go Go Bar hopping to high end gentlemen clubs, we’ll be happy to suggest the right options for your group and to take care of all bookings for you.


Go on a Whisky and Cigars tasting, follow our party guide through the famous Bangkok red light districts and finish in the VIP section of one of the trendiest club in the city. Or maybe to the fetish club to prank the groom… Question is how far are you willing to take it?


We’re here to help you create the right itinerary for your group and of course to guarantee that the groom will have the time of his life. No mandatory stops or obligations. We’re here to answer all your questions so we can decide together of the best itinerary for your wolfpack!

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Private Party and Shows in Bangkok

That’s from far our most popular feature.

In the comfort of your suite or villa in Bangkok, we’re bringing the most sexy entertainers to party with your group. Gorgeous genuine Thai Party Models that know how to adapt to your group and guarantee everybody got a blast.


Add to this some special Shows to spice up the party and get everyone fired up. Eat Sushi of a Naked Model before enjoying shots and…. I will say no more and let your imagination . But you get yourself a party that all the group will talk about for a while.

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Activities in Bangkok

Bangkok Shooting Range, Flow House, Go Karting and more… we got your adrenaline fix covered. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or just want to chill, we got options for everyone.


Go all in with intense days full of activities in Bangkok and wild nights. Or balance the long nights with some Spa time, Thai Massage or IV Drips to recover.


We’re taking care of the bookings for you as well as the logistic and transportation. Even though you’re organizing for your friend(s), you’re still here to have fun with them. Leave us in charge of all the planning so you can focus on the party and relax.


Extend the Playground to Pattaya

Have a few days to spare? Take the Stag to Pattaya too.


There you’ll find the best value for Pool Villas and a hectic nightlife. It’s definitely the right spot to organize a Private Pool Party followed by an night out in the famous Walking Street.


Pattaya packs also a lot of different outdoor activities that Bangkok is missing. ATV, Enduro, Flyboard… You’re


Or maybe you’re looking for a Private Yacht Party? In that case a boat party in Pattaya is a must. It has the best deals on boats, an amazing scenery and it’s close enough from Bangkok so we can bring our hot Bikini Models to join the cruise.

Stag Party in Bangkok and Pattaya Packages

Don’t have time to waste planning a whole trip. No problem. Pick one of our Party Package and let’s discuss the details together, we’re taking care of the rest. Don’t find what you want in our packages, that’s fine too!


More than 90% of the Bachelor Party in Bangkok and Pattaya we organize are custom made from nothing with the best man. We know how hard it is to please everyone, so we’re here to help you make the process flawless.

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Party in Bangkok or Pattaya like no others.

Send us a message today with your dates, the number of people in your group and if possible an rough budget. Share with us your concerns and questions so we can clear your doubts.


We’ll then send you a list of our most popular activities and services to get started with. From there we can start building the perfect program and sweeten thing with a Mojo Family discount.


Welcome to the MojoSons Family

What do you think? Do you have what it takes to survive a Bachelor Party in Bangkok?


Get fully covered with our all inclusive party packages!

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